Powerstroke 6.7 B20 Series
We Filter It!
2011 Ford Powerstroke.
Clean Oil return into an Ams/Oil Swivel fitting into the oil fill cap.
Frantz Oil Filter mounted under theFord Powerstroke.
Frantz Oil Filter Base.
A Frantz Bypass Filtration System on a Ford Powerstroke.
This installation is on a new 2011 Ford Powerstroke 6.7 B20 Series unit.
This customer chose to powder coat the aluminum cast base of his Frantz Oil Filter to prevent against any corrosion.
He mounted his Frantz Oil Filter underneath on the frame of his Powerstroke.
Because the Frantz Oil Filter is pressure fed, it can be mounted in any direction to fit a difficult installations.
The customer returned his clean oil into the oil filler cap using a Ams/Oil Swivel Fitting.